Hello, and thanks for visiting Beat The Trail!

My name is Roel Zerner and I’m a Dutchman with an aversion to luxury resorts and a passion for the last wild places in the world. Through this website I want to inspire people and tell stories about a diverse range of wild, off-the-beaten-path destinations while promoting the need for responsible ecotourism. A tight rope to walk, I know.

On sustainable travelwriting

I strongly believe that the current trend of widespread world-travelling is a good thing, but that this new wave of travellers often needs to be more aware on the impact they make on local ecology and cultures. Especially when descending on all these destinations en masse. Promoting far-off places and inspiring people to travel therefore comes with a responsibility: either by being vague on how to reach these places or stressing the need to never leave a trace, not only informing but also educating the public on sustainable ways to visit a certain destination.

So while I’ll be trying to be both entertaining and informative, in the end it is up to you to do the right thing and plan your trips responsibly!

Therefore, let’s all think on how to make travelling the world sustainable and make as low an impact as possible, so that future travellers needn’t worry about overcrowded Instagram spots, commercialised ‘unique experiences’ and fenced-off cultural heritages!

Work with me!

Currently, I’m in the midst of my preparations to become a professional world traveller, full-time travelwriter and digital nomad. Which means I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to write stories, get published and work with other bloggers, writers, magazines or businesses! So if you like what you’ve been reading and/or are interested in working with me, please feel free to drop me an email at roel@beatthetrail.com.

See you on the Trail!